2014 BLACK Z51 CORVETTE LT3 FOR SALE BY OWNER IN DALLAS/PLANO! Check out this page for more details…

We welcome all Corvette enthusiasts, from the baby boomers to young professionals fortunate enough to drive this evolutionary machine.  Whether you love or hate the new rear-end design (video on this topic), remember it’s a machine most Ferrari, Lamborghini owners love to hate; it is a true PUBLIC ENEMY!  There’s nothing more satisfying than beating $150k+ cars on the track with one half the cost.

 We will organize drive tours, meet and greets, track days and other special events in the North Texas, Dallas / Fort Worth area.  We will also organize cross state rallies; we’re thinking our first one will be to Las Vegas, adding cool check points in between here and there.  Get ready for an awesome time racing across states, at the same time, maybe raise some money for a charity!

Brian with C7StingrayClub.com gets a Black 2014 Z51 Stingray from All American Chevrolet of Midland! 

I had an order for a Z51 with Friendly Chevrolet in Dallas, however it was going to take until sometime next year to have it fulfilled due to the recent constraints on the Z51 body, so I reached out to a dealership who had what I was looking for.  All American Chevrolet of Midland had that Z51, with all the options I originally wanted in the car sitting in their showroom floor; I knew this was the one for me.  I dealt with a VERY courteous and professional salesman by the name of Chris Robinson who was pleasant to work with from negotiating to closing the deal.  There was a small issue with the premium floor mats but so far Chris and the dealership are being cooperative and are rectifying the situation.  I paid over MSRP for the Z51 however they gave me a little more on my trade in than other dealerships quoted me which saves a good chunk of money when considering sales taxes on a 80,000.00 dollar car.  We had negotiated the numbers prior to making the long drive to their location and upon my arrival all the paperwork was ready to go.  I believe I was there a total of 30 minutes, in with my Jeep and out with Ana’s and I new baby Z.  Thank you Chris and All American, I’m very much happy with the purchase and would gladly refer my friends and associates your way and more importantly thank you Ana (my love) for tolerating my extended absences in the garage with the new Z!

 – Brian, Founder of C7StingrayClub.com

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